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Facts about the spinosaurus:

The spinosaurus lived about 100 million years ago in now what is North Africa!

The name spinosaurus means 'spined lizard'

The second ever Spinosaurus fossils that were discovered, where destroyed in World War II! The first one was found in 1912.

The Spinosaurus was not the only dinosaur to have a sail back. For example there was a dinosaur called Dimetrodon that walk on all four legs and also had a sail back. Dimetrodon and Spinosaurus belonged to a type of dinosaur called Sphenacodontidae, meaning 'wedge point tooth family'.

The Dimetrodon was a carnivorous dinosaur just like the Spinosaurus, although a lot shorter and standing at 6 to 15 feet tall from the ground to the top of the sail!

The Sarcosuchus was a giant crocdile, a lot like the ones that live today....apart from the fact that the head of a sarcosuchus, alone was around 2 metres from the tip of the snout to the back of the head!

The Sarcosuchus ruled the waters about 112-129 million years ago. It was a 10 ton predator, feeding on dinosaurs that went for a drink. The name Sarcosushus means 'flesh crocodile'. The Sarcosuchus would keep growing throughout its' life span, so it would keep getting bigger and bigger.

The yuturanus lived in a terrestrial habitat, and like most dinosaurs, layed eggs to reproduce. Only one specimen has been found by paleontologists. The yuturanus was 3 car links long.

Yutyrannus is a Tyrannosauroid dinosaur, an early forebear of Tyrannosaurus rex

It was about 10 metres long and 3 metres tall!

The name 'gigantosaurus' means 'giant southern lizard', as it was one of the biggest dinosaurs to ever live!

The gigantosaurus had a very small brain and was around 40 feet long! They also weighed about 13 tons

The gigantosaurus lived about 97 million years ago, this was earlier than the more well known dinosaurs, such as triceratops or even t-rex,